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climatic and air conditioning during defrost

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I've noticed that sometimes when I switch to defrost mode that the system turns on the air conditioner. I've also noticed that it doesn't always switch off the air conditioner when I switch back to vent or foot mode.

Can someone explain how/when the air conditioner switches on, and what causes it to switch off?

I know in my other vehicles, the A/C cycles when in defrost mode.

I've looked in the manual, and this function doesn't seem to be described. Any information anyone can give me would be much appreciated.


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The AC comes on automatically when you set the air flow to windshield (defogger). You can manually override this. I know in my car if I don't override the AC it will turn off when I select anything other than defogger.

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The A/C turning on when I go to defrost makes complete sense. I need to verify whether or not it shuts off when I move to another function.
It does that to dry the air so as not to contribute to further fogging your windscreen. Fyi the link below: UK VW web page actually offers explanations:


"Climatronic also includes a pushbutton defrost function to clear fogged or iced-up windscreens. This directs the full airflow onto the inside of the glass at the highest blower and heat output settings. If the outside temperature is above 0Â￾C, the cooling system cuts in as well to dry the air before it is heated."
Yes this is a pain in the ass on my car when you switch it to screen the AC comes on. If I want the AC on I know where the bleeding switch is.
Thank you for asking and answering this question. I was thinking there might have been something wrong with my car. I'm glad that this is an actual design, not a defect.
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