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Cleaning The Interior

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I have two general questions for cleaning the interior of my 2010 Golf TDI.

First, are there any good vacuum cleaners that work well using the 12 volt plugs for the car - any with decent vacuum pressure and attachment for general cleaning between detail cleanings?

Second, there are many different materials and textures inside. What product(s) are good for safely cleaning these?

Finally, can someone suggest a good form-fitting cover sheet, every day use for the trunk? Want one for every day use (whebn the back seats are up) and also another one for when the rear seats are folded down and the back is loaded with items.

Thanks - Mike
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soap + water. ammonia based cleaners can damage the plastic or window tint. If you look at older VWs, they have problems with the window switches or radio knobs bubbling from cleaning chemicals or lotions.

I just use a regular household cleaner with an attachment.
I find that a dry or slightly damp micro-fiber cloth works well on wiping down the buttons you touch inside the car.
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