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Classifieds Forum Rules

Buy at your own risk! classifiedslister lists ads that may be of interest. Myturbodiesel.com does not edit and takes no responsibility for classified ads. By using the myturbodiesel.com forum, you agree that myturbodiesel.com is not liable for any transactions or damages resulting from those transactions made via the forum.

If you are selling more than a few parts that you have laying around and/or for profit, please register as a vendor.

If you are a vendor, links or banners to your site are allowed in your signature but please limit any graphics or to a small size. If you are not a vendor, no graphics in your signature.

Please be respectful of other sellers and users. Do not thread dump (post unnecessarily negative criticism of the ad) - if you feel the price is too high, don't buy it. Do not hijack posts, buyers will find you.

If you want to negotiate pricing, you can reply to the post or send a private message. For your security, avoid posting your email in clear text online. Post it with dashes between the letters or as a picture.

No feelers in classifieds - either it's for sale or it isn't. No "taking offers" - you must list a price or price with OBO (or best offer) and then go from there.

Vendor, Ebay, autotrader, craigslist, etc. links are allowed but you must list the auction/item/post details so people don't have to click through.

An escrow service can help prevent fraud by acting like a middle man for the transaction. There is a fee but it can help prevent fraud.

Tips on verifying someone's identity, ask for their information such as telephone number and mailing address and call them. Many scammers just use fake contact information and hope it's never verified. Ask for a picture of the item with something specific like a piece of paper with their member name written on it or their local newspaper. This verifies that they actually have the item that they are selling and haven't just stolen the picture from elsewhere.
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