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After one month of investigation, Chrysler has decided to initiate a voluntary recall of 34,631 Dodge Caliber and 90 Jeep Compass vehicles from the 2007 model year in order to address a potential issue with sticking gas pedals. While the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration has been investigating the problem for over a month, Chrysler reports that no accidents, injuries or property damage linked to vehicles equipped with these pedal assemblies have been reported.

The pedal assemblies are supplied by CTS and are similar to those that triggered a recall of 2.3 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles earlier this year. The actual issue does not appear to be the same problem that afflicted the Toyota vehicles, although the end result of unintended acceleration can be similar. The Detroit Free Press reports that the issue is caused by a bearing housing that was made too large.

CTS experienced a manufacturing issue for five weeks during March through May of 2006 that affected some of the first Calibers and Compasses built. According to Chrysler, only about one-third of the recalled cars are expected to actually have an issue with their pedal assemblies. Since announcing there was an investigation in early May, Chrysler has allowed customers to bring their cars in for a free inspection. If a pedal assembly is found to be defective, Chrysler will replace the entire pedal assembly for any of the recalled vehicles in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Whatever happened to the Toyota pedals? All I see in the news is the oil spill. They dumped the sudden acceleration story pretty fast.
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