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Hollister and Facebook have teamed up to take social media to new lofty heights. The clothing company just wrapped up a contest in which users were invited to submit photos of their derrières in Hollister jeans. Both guys and girls could join in the fun for a chance to take home one very awesome custom 1978 Volkswagen Microbus complete with all the surf gear you'd need to at least pretend like you're a beach bum. Facebook users were invited to judge the competing rears and vote on their favorites, and one rump stood above the rest.

Lizzy Marola entered the contest at a Hollister store on a whim and wound up winning the eyes of enough voters to take home the bus of her dreams. Marola is a freshman at Coastal Carolina University, so there's at least some chance that those long boards will hit the water in the near future.

The Microbus was delivered to Marola at her home in Torrington College, Connecticut on a trailer before being inspected and registered.

Gallery: Hollister 1978 Volkswagen Microbus Giveaway

[Sources: Litchfield County Times, Facebook]Cheeky coed's butt wins vintage VW bus originally appeared on Autobloghttp://www.autoblog.com/2011/01/24/cheeky-coeds-butt-wins-vintage-vw-bus/
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