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Checking the service interval on Golf/Jetta

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Now I see many threads on forums talking about service intervals. Now I work with a guy that used to be a VW technician and he says if you look at the first page of service schedule there is a sticker. The other half of this sticker is on the boot floor.

On the first page there should be a sticker with the car details on it, VIN number engine code and transmission code. Then there are 7 rows of numbers and characters further down. On the third row mine shows 3 characters then a space, three more characters then QG1, then a space and three more blocks of three characters.

QG2 is the shorter 10,000 miles and the QG0/QG1 is longlife 20,000 miles service.

I hope mine is the QG1 10k service because thats when its going in next January.

You can also check when the next service is due. ;)

How to display the service reminder

Update: I've just checked my MFD and it says 4700 miles or 82 days which is correct as I have QG1 in the service schedule. I've done 4.7k at the moment so that will make it 9.4k which is close.
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I would go by what the owners manual says. I have a 2010 TDI Cup car and it says every 10k for oil change. Alot of people still think you have to do oil changes every 3k or 5k. If VW wanted us to do that for the TDIs it would say so in the owners manual. Just make sure you use the correct oil.
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