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Checking in

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I just bought a used 2006 jetta tdi and I am trying to learn everything I can on how to get better gas milage and how to do regular upkeep on my gas saver. Ei changing oil filters and something about getting the water out every once and awhile. Obviously my first diesel so any help will be greatly appreciated. I have read the general stuff but where can I find a " how to" manual online cheap?
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Welcome to the forum. welcometomyturbodies

But you've checked it the wrong place. New TDI forum member introductions

Chitty will probably move this thread. ;)
Moved thread :)

There are no Bentley online for free. If you look around the site, this is the most comprehensive collection of "how to" out there. And it's FREEE!

PS, I've never seen water in diesel fuel from pump gas.
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