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I've recently had my check engine light come on once in awhile and brought my 2000 Jetta TDI in yesterday to have it plugged in. They got the code 19586-P3130, which is for exhaust gas recirculation, EGR system exceeded (whatever exactly that means!) They told me it was sporatic and they reset it. I told them that basically I drive about 7 miles each way to work and it could be that I'm not highway running the car and opening it up to run the exhaust out completely. Now about a year ago or so I had some carbon buildup that had to be cleaned out. Questions are, 1. Is this something I should worry about, and 2. Do I need to 'jump on it' periodically to blow out the exhaust, and 3. Does this or will this help?
I've been told it would, but just wanted confirmation. Thanks! :confused:

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"Jumping on it" is a good idea every once in a while as long as the engine is fully warmed up. It might help a little, but not much. The reason why is because it burns up and blows out the exhaust side but it doesn't do anything for the gummed up intake side.

The EGR is partially open except when at full throttle, at full throttle it closes, but it also closes when the car is off, so the EGR moves plenty when you shut it off.

I think vacuum lines is possible. There might be a vaccum leak or a bad egr solenoid or bad egr valve which causes the "EGR system exceeded".

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from another post, here are your vacuum line specs:

3,5 X 2 (part number N 020 353 5)
350 mm from main vacuum line to a T
80 mm from a T to the N18 (black top valve)
170 mm from a T to a small check valve
45 mm from a T to the N75 (white top valve)
530 mm from a T to the vacuum canister (damper)
1000 mm from turbo to a connecting pipe
60 mm from a T to a T
180 mm from a T to N239 (change over valve)
120 mm from N239 to vacuum actuator
5 X 3 (part number N 020 282 1)
360 mm from N18 to EGR valve
50 mm from N75 to connecting pipe (going to turbo)
320 mm from N75 to fresh air line T
80 mm from N18 to fresh air line T
300 mm from air box to fresh air line T
T pieces are part number 113 201 943 B
small vacuum check valve is 046 905 291 A
connecting pipe is 06A 133 382 K

PS, a faulty MAF can also set this code. The EGR reduces the intake air at the MAF by letting in exhaust. If it doesn't see the reduction in MAF, then it sets a code and knows that something is wrong. Check here: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q_how_to/a4/maf.htm and here: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q_how_to/multi/MAFfaq.htm

It could be a sticking egr solenoid too. The egr solenoid valve could be sticking but you just had the intake cleaned. Try taking it on the highway when fully warmed up and flooring it every once in a while, it won't blow out the build up on the intake side but it will help blow out the soot on th exhaust side.

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Thanks! I did remove, spray some cleaner and replace (so far so good)...the check engine light has not yet come back on. I have not ever noticed any significant power loss, so with that said, I will just keep my eyes and ears peeled and replace the MAF if the problem continues!
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