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changing the DMF on a DSG

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Hello, just ordered my DMF from Aaron at Bora today. I have read till i was blue in the face and still havent found the info i seek so please dont give me a search lecture.

My questions are:

1) what 12pt male sockets do i need? (i absolutely hate the fact that people refer to them as a triple square, its like calling an intake a battleship, gives enthusiasts a bad name, ok rant over)
2) what are the torque specs for (a)flywheel (b)tranny to engine (c) engine/transmission mounts (d)lower control arm (i really hope i dont have to unbolt this) (e) anything i may not have thought of

or you can just point me to some webpage i havent found yet :D
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found some of my own answers on torque values, thought i would list them for anybody else wondering the same thing edit- these may be for the mk4, can somebody confirm this?

-Engine mount to engine bracket (18mm) 44 + 1/4 turn (updated bolts [grey in color] are 74 ft.lbs. trans and engine side) (replace with tty)
-Bell housing to oil pan (16mm) 33
-Flywheel to crank bolts: 44 + 1/4turn
-Bell housing to engine block: 60
-Starter bolts: 50
-Transmission mount to "bracket that holds transmission" (the 2 big 18mm bolts that hang the tranny from the mount) - 100nm (74ftlbs)
-Dog bone (aka) Rear Transmission Mount (aka) Pendulum Support...
---Rear 2 bolts (to subframe) 20nm + 90deg (15ftlbs + 1/4turn)
---Front 2 (to tranny) 40nm + 90deg (30ftlbs + 1/4turn)
-Drive Shaft to tranny - 40 Nm (30 ft lb)
(According to Bentley, it's done in 2 stages... first tighten them diagonally to 10 NM (7.4 Ft*Lbs), then tighten them diagonally to 40 NM (29.5 Ft*Lbs) (that is: if those are 8 mm bolts... the 10 mm bolt cars are tightened to 70 NM --ymz)
-C.V. axle: M8-30ft.lb, M10-59ft.lb
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14mm triple square :)

I don't know if the DSG has different torque specs than the mk5 writeup: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/a5/transmission-removal-VW-Jetta.htm . You would have to remove the lower control arm but the trick is that you don't have to remove the transmission. Just move it as far as possible over to the side so that you can remove the DMF.

The engine/transmission mount bolts are stretch bolts. Any subframe bolts would also be stretch bolts.
thanks, i didnt really pay that much attention to the write-up the first time because it was for a manual 5-spd, but i guess they are pretty much the same
Unfortunately, the bentley manual doesn't list torque specs for the DSG transmission even though it's been out for 5 years since the most recent edition.
the bently manual just seems to be more and more appealing :umm dou you sense the sarcasm?
can anybody tell me what size of 12pt i will need for the dmf to crank bolts? it seems as though that is really the only bolt i need a 12pt for since it is recessed, other trans bolts look like they have capscrew heads.
This is just a guess but 12mm is the size used on the manual transmission.
hopefully it 12mm works :) i cant seem to source a 14mm :(
Hi, did you complete the DMF change on a DSG yet? I have a few questions.:bowdown
actually i returned the car and got a much better one, this time with a 5spd. whats your question? i may have stumbled across your answer while i was researching :)
I recently replaced the dmf on dsg. Took my time and found the trick to the project is proper engine and transmission support. The dsg does not need to be completely removed as long as it is supported slide it away replace dmf (flywheel hold tool required). Helps to have someone to wiggle the trans while you roll over the crank with 19mm. When lined up it comes right together. Not too bad. You can do it . right tools little patients
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just finished the DMF swap out on my wifes 09 and took lots of pictures and will try and do a pdf of the procedure and get it out there. main thing was having the right tools and being thorough!
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just finished the DMF swap out on my wifes 09 and took lots of pictures and will try and do a pdf of the procedure and get it out there. main thing was having the right tools and being thorough!
If possible, can you make a new wiki article? This way other people can edit and update it as information changes.
does anyone have a quick easy reference to torque specs on dmf. 2006 jetta tdi, dsg, brm??
On my 2010 I used a 10mm allen socket on the DMF but I made sure to tap the allen socket in before trying to remove the DMF bolts. They were all Loctited and super tight but they all came loose with a breaker bar. When you put the DMF back in make sure to use a little Blue locktite on the DMF bolts. I recommend using the exact socket or tool needed , I didn't have the recommended one but a 10mm allen socket tapped in for better grip worked for me. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to remove my DSG It took under an hour. And I am 54 years old and I know a lot of you young guys who have all the tools and know how to use them could do it Quicker but don't rush this job, I didn't. I was doing the rear main seal and even took a couple of short breaks to watch Chitty Chitty bang bangs rear main seal video, Nicely done Chitty Thank You!
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