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After plastic manifold broke on a 07 Passat 2.0 TDI with a BKP engine I replaced the intake manifold with an earlier version aluminium manifold (without the swirl flaps).

This car had problems going into limp mode and though it was related to the manifold leak, but after doing the replace there is still some trouble where it goes into limp mode.

The main trouble have been with "overboost condition", I'v tried to go thru what I can think of in relation to this, the actuator on the turbo moves fine, and the N75 seem to be operating on/off when doing output test with vcds.

After I replaced the manifold I just let the vacuum actuator and reservoir that is hooked up to the swirl flaps be hooked up, but can these be removed/plugged ? (I noticed when I activated the N75and having a vacuum gauge hooked up to the hose that plugs into the reservoir it went straight down to 0 - not sure if this is supposed to be like that or if it at all have an impact on things.

A new "problem" that came up after blocking off the EGR-return line was a "insufficiant flow", I have not seen this error triggered before blanking the pipe, anyone know if this blanking can be done without removing the actual EGR valve on these engines (which was my impression you could) - and/or one have to do something in vcds to disable it (the EGR on this one is electric and not vacuum operated - should it be unplugged?).

The vacuum hoses I'm wondering if I can just plug is the ones on the left going to to the reservoir


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