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CEL - Cylinder 4 Internal Pressure Sensor: Implausible Signal

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Hi all,

This evening the CEL came on again on my 2010 Golf, at about 8200 miles. Last time it came on was at about 140 miles. At the time I brought it in and they replaced the O2 sensor.

This time I had a VCDS cable so I could read out the codes myself. Here is what came out:
005081 - Cylinder 4 Internal Pressure Sensor: Implausible Signal
P13D9 - 000 - - - MIL ON
Freeze Frame:
Fault Status: 11100000
Fault Priority: 2
Fault Frequency: 19
Mileage: 13248 km
Time Indication: 0
Date: 2007.14.00
Time: 08:58:35

Freeze Frame:
RPM: 1725 /min
Speed: 46.0 km/h
Bin. Bits: 00001110
Absolute Pres.: 1.0 bar
(no units): 10.90
Ign. Timing: 0.0 °BTDC
(no units): -8.80
This is the same code as one of the 2 codes that showed up last time. I didn't get the details of the second code last time, but I suspect it was the O2 sensor related code and that they didn't do anything about the first one.

Code: 05081 P13D9 000
Cylinder 4 internal pressure sensor
implausible signal

Here is the scan (anonymized) of the diagnostic log:

I found some discussions that would make me think the glow plug / pressure sensor is defective.
Does anybody know what this code is about?
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That is something to do with the glow plug. The new cars have pressure sensors built into the glow plugs. They are supposed to adjust for low cetane and engine wear. If one fails, the car uses the readings from the other sensors. I'm also guessing they didn't do anything about it. Go back and don't clear the CEL.

Abs. Pressure is air pressure. 1 bar probably means ambient air pressure? The older log showed 0 bar which I'm guessing means either it didn't sense anything or the computer reported 0 bar. 10.9 is unchanged and the last value is -8.8 vs. -2.8, but without labels it's hard to figure out what those numbers mean. It might have something to do with fueling or engine load since the newer set of numbers have you driving with low engine rpm. The older set is idle and stopped.
did your car make a lot of clatter, like an old ALH on a cold morning? I had the Glow Plug Relay error code (P0684) which I cleared and then the clattering continued and when I finally got it to the garage (which last week replaced all four glow plugs for a cold start issue, WTF!) I got this error P13D9 too.
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