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No, the problem is cd changer control and I think the plug is different, at least on the ones I saw. The easiest way to add cd is to remove your stock faceplate and put in an aftermarket one with a cd player. There are no incompatability issues with voltage, etc. With an adapter it should be plug-play.

Later mk4 cars used a rectangular plug at the changer, here is my understanding
All mk3 had the rectangular plug at the radio but the jetta-passat are not compatible.

The passat used a round 13 pin plug at the changer.
The jetta used both a round or rectangular pin at the changer because it spanned so many years, I think there were some changes in later mk3 radios/changers.

You could also get an aftermarket changer and listen to it through an FM modulator.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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