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Caught on tape:dealer stealing stuff from car

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LOL...just wow...the tech licking medicine residue off his hand??? That could be poison for all he knows! Watching porn??




the 3 employees were fired and the dealer responds on autoblog: at least the manager offered a remedy before it blew up in the media


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jaw drops

You know this stuff goes on but to see it? That guy who licked his hand is truly retarded, the owner should have labeled it with a skull and crossbones just to see if the dealer mechanic would still lick it.
What did you expect, the guy ignored a camcorder with a blinking red light :) in the passenger seat,lol
At least the dealer fix it fast, some guys would just sweep it under the rug...
People complain about VW dealers :rolleyes: ....they should install a closed circuit TV in the customer lounge that shows the work area at least so that the techs know they are being watched. Even if noone is watching, it should help curb bad behavior.
2nd, the local firestone has a TV and a CCTV in the lounge. You can't see anything and nobody watches it but it's still a deterrent against licking unknown medicine off your hand!
Good response by the dealer, he can screen employees but he can't stop them from doing dumba$$es. Seriously, stealing quarters? I bet the service manager isn't paid that bad!!

Stanley was missing the Alaska state quarter to complete his 50 state quarter collection.
...and Stanley was then hired at a VW dealership! LOL!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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