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There are performance chips out there but the biggest thing holding more people from getting them are: they're still pretty new and although I believe that they should not affect reliability, by definition because they're new there's no long term testing. Some people are also waiting for the car warranty to run out. As the tunes mature I'm sure they'll get better too.

This is representative of many opinions...or maybe they just wanted to create a more dramatic article.
the 2009 Jetta TDI is the first VW diesel we’ve put through a long-term test.
In the past, we shied away from them because many of the old VW diesels made less than 100 horsepower (and some less than 60). Their engines sacrificed horsepower at the altar of economy. And aside from their ability to stretch a gallon of fuel, those diesels qualified as noisy, dirty, and slow automotive hair shirts.
How would they know they're that bad if they've only done short tests?

I would be concerned about the hesitation from a stop. If the car refuses to move from a stop even at full throttle, that's a DSG problem not a turbo lag problem and certainly worse than most report.

Their US spec TDI is equipped with the electric cabin heater, they are confusing it with the coolant heater. I wouldn't call it warm air either, it's more just not frigid air.
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