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I've been answering questions on another board where someone is trying to polish their headlights. Other people are telling them to just buy an adapter for a power drill. This is fine for the headlights, but why not get a polisher which will also work for the paint?

The reason why power drills aren't good is because if you leave it for too long in 1 spot or press too hard, they will heat up and damage the plastic or paint. Free-floating paint polishers stop if you press too hard, so it's foolproof...to a point. They are designed for detailing purposes, drills are designed for high torque.

Here are some pics of before and after using a dedicated paint polisher, it's worth it IMO. To show that it's not a camera trick, there are photos with and without flash, both before and after, from the same angles. from http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q_how_to/multi/polishing_paint.htm

Before, with flash

After, with flash

Before, without flash

After, without flash

Final result

This is from the detailing article here


you can get them at any home depot or lowes, meguiars sells them with a markup, but it comes with a lifetime warranty.

you can still find it online. I think topoftheline , a detailing specialty store still carrys them in stock. I personally considered a cyclo, but it was over twice the price and you get the same results.
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