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Can You "crank-start" a stick-shift TDI?

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As you would any stick shift Gas car?
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Like by rolling it down a hill? You have to have enough electricity for the fuel shut off solenoid to raise and the ecu to let the pump inject fuel, and to disable the immobilizer. Sometimes a weak battery will activate the immobilizer or prevent the computer adding fuel. Otherwise it will start.
Thank's for the reply, Vent5.

I just got this '01 Jetta and sometimes the battery cranks "kinda slow" so i was wondering (w/ all the electronics and "plastic" we got in cars nowadays) if I could just "let the thing roll downhill" and "crank-start" the car after the thing sits in the parking garage for a few days! (I will eventualy check the "parasite drain" to see if it's under specs.)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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