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Summary: 2006 Jetta TDi with DMF and DSG:
=== The clutch pack snap ring came loose and spun around inside the housing and tore up some of the serrations on the clutch pack basket so I was forced to buy a complete new clutch pack.
However it also took a chunk out of the surface that the clutch pack compartment cover gasket rests on where the transmission fluid is sealed in.
I need some opinions whether it will leak fluid at the damaged area. Detailed photos are attached.

More details: if you think you can offer advice:
The clutch pack compartment cover has a rubber seal all the way around the perimeter. It mates to the transmission on the bottom and the side (near as I can tell).
Where the chunk of aluminum is gouged out of the transmission, it looks like it might not seal very well to the bottom of the cover, but the side may not still seal either. There is a little piece of the side metal gouged out too. See the photo. What do you think?
The groove in the transmission for the snap ring for the cover is not damaged.
I told my girl friend not to buy this car but she did anyway. I can't imagine how the clutch pack snap ring came out if it was installed at the factory. However the seller who was a personal friend said the car had all the dealer maintenance done and had all the receipts. The car only has 160,000 miles; the transmission fluid looks clear and clean; but somebody must have done some work in there and put that snap ring in wrong. Am I paranoid? Has anyone else had this happen to a factory virgin gearbox?

If necessary I can load all 180 pounds of transmission in the truck and I have a pretty good welder who can drop a glob of aluminum in the hole on the gasket surface. The housing is massive so I don't believe a small weld will warp or overheat anything. However then I have to file it down and polish it to make a good sealing surface. I don't know a local machine shop that could put the whole thing in a vertical mill and dress it down properly without spending a lot of money

Advice please? Any easy way out? Can I simply forget about it??? I know it's just a small gouge, but it's a catastrophe if it leaks. At least it is near the top of the transmission.... 12 or 1 o'clock if I'm not mistaken. Am I making a big deal out of nothing???

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