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I was reading a thread on another board...about 20 pages on performance chips date between 2006 and 2007. Is this a beneficial item for a 2010 Jetta TDI, something that is old technology that is not needed and where do I learn?

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The 2010s are different because they use a new car computer which isn't yet cracked. There are currently no performance chips because of this.

The 2009 use the same basic engine but with a slightly different computer. Here is an example of a tuned car:

The benefit is more power and torque.

The downside is lower fuel economy if you're using all that power but it's possible that by adjusting the tune you get slightly higher fuel economy when you're not using that power.

The other possible downside is the unknown effect on the emissions system introduced in 2009. In the past, these cars just used a catalytic converter. Now they use a diesel particulate filter and NOx filter. Unlike the older honeycomb type filter where the gasses pass through tiny holes, the gasses go into something more like a dead end where the particulates are trapped. As the car warms up, some of this is burned off. The bits which aren't cause backpressure to build up, once backpressure gets high the car starts a "self clean" cycle where it squirts a little extra fuel while running which burns up at the filter. Long story short, nobody knows the long term effects of tuning because these cars are so new but nobody's reported problems yet. On trucks which use a similar system they remove these filters for extreme tuning but this would violate emissions standards. For just a regular tune my best guess is that you will be OK but this is just a guess.
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