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If you are having problems getting the cam sensor to read, there is a very good chance your cam is a tooth off. Re-pin everything and double check it. I hate to admit to it but I have had this problem, car would start sometimes and run rough, sometimes randomly die. The torsion value read 0.0 all the time and have the implausible signal code. If the cam is a tooth off the sensor will not recognize the signal. The ecu defaults to a 0.0 timing reference, but since the cam timing is off it will run poorly since all the fuel timing is based off of the 0.0 default.

The cam sensor is more than likely perfectly fine. I replaced mine with a good used one, problem remained, installed a brand new sensor, problem remained. Pulled covers and re-pinned cam and crank and found the cam to be 1 tooth retarded, somehow I got the crank lock on in the wrong place. Reset the belt and have been fine every since.

Good luck
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