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Bypass Inmobilizer

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i have a 01 vw jetta. i just replaced the computer module because it was dead. now i have the inmobilizer yellow ligh on the dasboard. engine starts but after 1 o 2 seconds it turns off.
how do i bypass the inmobilizer. what would be the best way to do it besides taking to the dealership.:dunno:confused:
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As far as I'm aware it can't be bypassed but if you look in the faq you should be able to fix it bud and welcometomyturbodies.

Now there are plenty of thread on here talking about immobilizer problems but as anyone heard Autologic it seems like a good piece of kit as it saves going to the dealer for the PIN code. I don't see any prices for it. ;)
2001 Jetta Immoblizer

Also looking to bypass my immoblilizer.
have you ever got an answer for that i have the same problem
If you google vw immobiliser bypass there are some companies claim to be able to bypass certain vag immobilisers but who knows.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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