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Hi all,

Need some advice. I am trading in my 07 Camry for a 04 TDI Passat. I see that the Passat has its issues and I am willing to fix what I need to make sure its a good car for the future. The passat Im looking at has 88k miles on it, I havent seen it yet going up to look at it on monday. If all looks ok I will get it. While researching I have made a list of things that looks like needs replacing based off of this and other sites. Looks like all in all 2-3k in parts and service. Does this sound like a good deal or not? Just juggling this around in my head.

The parts I have that I am looking at getting are:

Bora delux BHW Balance shaft repair kit
Steel Glow plugs+flash or get a performance tune
Bora Trany Fluid and filter kit
Bora Motor mount kit
CV Joints if bad
Metal Skid plate

I am hoping to get all of this done for 4k or less. Im getting the car for 11,900. This will be a car that I will be using for going across country in a couple years for moving, and then my wifes every day car before and after that. The only thing holding me back is that my camry is fine and it isnt costing me anything in parts or repairs. But with any car eventually it will. Would rather get the passat that gets 10+mpg better than the camry and put some money into it now, and have a great car for life later.

Thanks for any advice.


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If it's loaded and in good condition, it's not a horrible price but not a great price either. The mileage is good but I would wait to see the car in person and see its condition. $15,000 buys a lot of car and a 2007 isn't old enough to get rid of yet.
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