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There are several schools of thought but I'm a follower of "break it in hard". Please note that you should always properly warm up an engine (especially diesels since they have a lot of blow by when cold). Light engine loading, relatively low RPM's, short shift it, don't touch the throttle when starting (that applies to any modern fuel injected motor), etc. Once all fluids (not just the water temp gauge but oil and transmission fluid as well) are up to normal operating temps then drive it like you mean it. You're not trying to redline it but acceleration and, more importantly, deceleration via engine braking across a wide RPM range is critical. No cruise control. Several WOT runs to 2/3 max RPM then allow it to coast back to lower RPM's is perfect. If you google it you'll find several specific recommendations for this process.

Above poster is absolutely correct as well. Proper service intervals for all fluids, filters, etc. is mandatory. Following my own advice has given me 2 previous Honda Accords. First one ('79 with a blistering 79 bhp) went 8 years with me, 175,000 miles or so. Second one ('87 LXi) made it 11 years and 250K miles. Current Accord #3 ('04 V6) is just getting to the sweet spot at 67K miles and sings like a champ at redline, pulls hard and clean all the way there.
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