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brake light sensor on

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My 2002 jetta tdi has a light come on when I brake, I'm pretty sure it's the brake light. Where is the brake sensor? I don't have an owner's manual.
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Yes. It's an electrical sensor on the brake pad. It means that you have low brakes. A new sensor will come with new brake pads.
I saw an owner's manual on ebay, is the 2002 owner's manual about the same as the 1999?
Your car is basically the same as the 99, except there may be differences like ESP stability control, the radio might be different, and the immobilzer is different. All other things are about the same. All mk4 cars 98 beginning with the new beetle till 2003 use the same basic engine, but with some small parts and electronics differences.

The only big difference in later years was the long life timing belt for manual trans cars, so the short answer is that if you really want an owner's manual, the 99 will do.
I haven't fixed it yet, thanks for the link tho!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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