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I updated both the mk4 and mk5 Brake fluid flush articles to reflect the new VW 501 14 fluid specification. This is supposedly thinner than DOT 4 brake fluid which results in faster response of the ABS/ESP stability control system. It's supposed to be used on all 2006+ models. The only references I can find on the VW 501 14 brake fluid is that it's thinner and has lower cold temperature viscosity. I don't know if viscosity is the same at normal operating temperatures but if it is, I assume that once the engine warms up the engine bay, response will be the same. ATE and Pentosin sell thinner brake fluid specifically for this purpose and I'll bet its qualities are very close to the OEM stuff. I can't even find the part number for the new spec brake fluid. Direct links to ATE and Pentosin's pages in the writeup.


The Jetta/Golf brakes are the same. Audi A3 TDI rotors are VW GTI size brakes (bigger than Jetta/golf) but the procedure for bleeding the brakes is the same.

Clutch fluid bleeding applies only to manual transmission cars and not DSG transmission cars.
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