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Hi Everyone:
I have a 2005 Passat TDI Wagon and I'm trying to remove the Brake Booster Vacuum Line.
How is that thing supposed to come out of the booster ???
The service manual gives no help ... it just says "Remove Vacuum Line" ???!
There is a plastic fitting at the end of the Vacuum line which is inserted into a rubber bushing/seal.
When I try to pry free, it moves, but it won't come out of the rubber seal!
I'm afraid I'll damage something.
Any help ASAP is very welcome.
Thanks, Troy

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You're talking about the hose that goes into the passenger side of the brake booster (removed below)?

Remove the hose and look all over it. It should have a part number printed on it. The parts catalog isn't clear on which hose it is.

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