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Bora/Jetta Engine swap

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I'm carrying this thread on from http://www.myturbodiesel.com/forum/f5/03-jetta-tdi-smoke-problem-674/ as the content has changed from the original issue within.

I have a 2001 VW Bora (Jetta in US) with the 115 PD engine (AJM). I've come to the conclusion that I need to transplant a new engine into my car.

I am in need of a little advice on which engine(s) are compatible.

According to the few people I have spoke to I can get a new engine block from any PD engine 100bhp - 150bhp and all I will need to do is switch over my injectors, turbo, exhaust, inlet manifolds, gearbox etc etc without any issues.

My question is, is this true and if so, does anyone know the engine codes of the compatible PD engines that would work? or what engines I should be keeping an eye out for.

Ideally I want to steer clear of the 115 AJM, but with all my parts added to another engine surely it would make it the same as a 115 in the end anyways?

And if I can get my hands on an engine, say.. a 130, would all my parts work along with it or would I need to change the ECU also?
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The US/Canada only had the BEW engine in for the Bora/Jetta. I can only tell you what other engine were available:
ATD, AUY, ARL. These were all SOHC heads. The AUY used the same head as the AJM.

The ATD, AUY, and AJM used the same crankshaft and rods.

I can't see the engine block part numbers but I can see the engine block w/pistons. They're all different because the pistons are different.
Thanks for the reply chitty.

I've located an ATD from a specialized VW/Audi breaker in Magherafelt, N.I.
£500 they want, with 87,000 miles on the engine.

Now just to get my hands on some money to pay for it after already putting £400 into the black 4-wheeled ornament I have sitting in my back yard :dunno

I'll report back soon.

Ok, I went ahead and removed the cylinder head off my car today, again.
I took some pictures just so it's all a little clearer for people.

This is the engine bay just after I started disconnecting pipes and hoses

Here is the last of the oil I drained from the car, and this is only after the car bein started around 4 times for a few minutes each time since the head was replaced

Here is some evidence of the gunk and mayo watery crap in the engine.. also, there is pure white mayo inside the rocker cover..

This next pic is of some cracks that I noticed on the block between coolant-ways and the head bolts and other areas.. not too sure if these are "problematic" but it can't be a good thing

And lastly, a view of the engine with the head removed, not great quality but it was getting dark as I was finishing off

I'm debating whether to get a 2nd opinion on the cylinder head or to just go ahead with the engine swap. I think to rule out both the head and block I might go ahead with the swap..
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Today I went to Magherafelt and picked up an ATD engine for my swap.. £450 all in, with oil filter housing/oil cooler, 3 injectors still inside (which will be sold in local ads) and also other pipes and flanges & inlet/EGR still attached. 67,000 miles. Altogether not a bad deal I think.

So tomorrow I begin the process of engine extraction and the swapping of auxilliaries and components and renew the timing belt, tensioner, water pump, injectors etc before dropping it in place.

I'll keep this post updated as I go along and post pics where possible.
I've finally finished replacing the engine. The ATD engine works 100% fine. I did have a few niggly things to compete with, like a rounded bolt hole in the gearbox mounting, now fixed with helicoil, leaking power-steering fluid etc but job is now complete and the car is running like a dream.

I had planned on doing a full pictured write-up from start to finish but unfortunately I was fighting against the oncoming winter weather here in Belfast (and couldnt use my garage as it was full of other peoples stuff being stored) so didnt have time to take enough pictures and make point-by point bulletins for a write-up.

Car was running lumpy and gave a P1668 DTC when finished, but soon found out that I'd forgot to plug the electrics of the harness into injector number 3 :ugh

Thanks for all the help and advice, appreciated.
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