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Boost Gauge

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Anyone have a boost gauge in their Mk6 TDI, or plan on getting one?

They have a few that are built right into the vents for GTIs, but the gauge measures vacuum, which is pretty useless for our cars. I'd rather a gauge that's full range is useable.
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What about this one? Fiscon makes a plug in box that displays the boost in the instrument cluster but I don't know if it works on the '10s. Try checking kufatec.de.
Any new info on boost gauges for our TDIs? I got one in my Powerstroke truck and would like to have one in the TDI as well.

The problem is apparently there is no convenient boost tap location on the 2.0CR engines like there was on the earlier TDI motors...I'm not thrilled about the idea of drilling/tapping the plastic I/C piping for boost. Until someone can figure out a better way to tap boost for a gauge, I'm going to hold off.
I put a VDO boost guage in my '05 Beetle by tapping the plastic IC pipe. Actually I drilled a hole of the correct size and used the adapter as a tap. A little silicon sealant on the threads before it went in and it works like a charm. No leaks and hasn't fallen out in 30K+ miles. Looks like it was made to be there.
I haven't spent much time looking under the hood, but the last time I looked I couldn't even find the IC tubes and intercooler. It must be buried underneath somewhere.
In my humble opinion a boost gage on the VW TDI, is not required. I have one on my Cummins but do not see the need on the Jetta TDI. I do not tow my 5er with my TDI.

To me a boost gage is required to monitor the engine when you are using an aftermarket program to control the engine. The purpose of a boost gage is to insure you do not lift the head and fail a head gasket. Do too much boost that is provided by the aftermarket program. I do monitor the boost in my truck when towing in the mountains. This is to insure that I keep the boost under 35PSI. I do not have ARP head studs install, so I could fail a head gasket if I go over 35 psi.
Just My $0.02
Jim W.
I ran into a post over on TDI Club and someone said they just tapped boost off the ASV?? how would you do that?
I installed a cobalt boost guage and water temp guage on my MK6 TDI. I removed the plastic pipeing after the intercooler leading up to the intake. Drilled and taped into the pipe. I did alot of reseach it looks like the best option. Install took about 30min. Instructions are very similar to link - http://forums.jettamkv.com/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=4896

We do not have a fuel pressure regulator to tap into like older models.

There is a manufacture that make a replacement pipe with taps already installed, but I can't find the link again. If I find it ill post it
Haven't seen the replacement pipe, but found another post by Pelican on TDIclub. He drilled and tapped into the ASV just below the EGR valve, seems like a better spot to me because your actually securing the tap into metal threads not plastic. I ordered a boost gauge and hopefully when I get around to installing it, I will take pictures and post a DIY thread. I'll keep everyone posted...
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