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Bolt-out 952162

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I have stripped my intake manifold Alen bolt, and Can't seem to find the Sears Craftsman bolt out kit 952162 as it's discontinued. Any one know of an equivalent? Most extractors are too big, and are blocked by the manifold. Thanks.

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Search for other bolt out kits. They work great, some are shallow and some are deep. Figure out which one you need to work with your socket/wrench before buying. Or buy both and return the one you don't need.

Autozone also sells auto-type bolt out sockets. You could also try Napa or your local parts store.
That normally doesn't work. There isn't enough clearance to swing a hammer and it just strips it more.

If you can use a dremel to cut a deep groove into the head you could then use a screwdriver to turn it. But I suggest using a bolt out kit.
Common problem. A bolt out will save a lot of effort trying to get it out. If you can get a lock wrench in there and clamp the head, I know it's tight, you might be able to loosen it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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