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BMW 135i owner's report

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not sure if this is the right section but this looks like an awesome car now if they put a diesel in it!

from 1addicts.com

it arrived today...thought i'd share it with you all.

Update with review:

my first impressions are that the 135 feels like a very hot hot hatch, not a coupe. the reason i dumped my 335i was because it felt so big on the road and you never really wanted to throw it around through the corners. it was a high speed cruiser and massively uninvolving and apart from the engine I wouldn't recommend one. before that i had an R32 Golf which I loved to bits and this is much closer to the R32 than it is to a 3. you just want to abuse it to be honest and i think a lot of people will lose their licenses in it!!!

it is tight inside too, but i'm pretty big, and it's not uncomfortable; it just feels small and compact - the way a sports car should. can't get the seat adjusted for height very well though yet. it'll come though.

quality inside is usual BMW, although the Pro Sat Nav that pops up isn't as nice as the 3's in-dash version. seats are better, stubby M Sport gear shift is too, although obviously it's pretty stuff at the moment. the upgraded speaker system sounds ok but not great. not really worth the money if i am being honest.

footwell is tight compared to the 3. going to take some getting used to as the space between the pedals is proper sports car, not executive car.

seats in the back are great but your passengers will have to leave their legs at home. no room at all behind my seat and i'm 6 foot. but i didn't buy it for my friends!!

too early to tell on the road really. again the engine is so new it's not fair to boot it yet, but like the 335 it is very very rapid in any gear and in any rev range. the suspension is definitely more sorted than the 335 and inspires so much more confidence. the wheelbase seems so much shorter and the whole car feels so much more planted and grippier.

brakes are amazing, but harsh. again I guess that's because it's new.

sorry this isn't very technical, but i'm not. i'll try and give you more opinions as i drive it over christmas and new year and i'll post some more pics in the next day or so.
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wait for it....

IMO, $45,000 out the door is way too much for that car. Pay an extra $3-4000 and get the 3 series.
Looks like it got squished at the front and back.

IMO, too heavy and too expensive. If they came out with an Motorsport version of the 1, maybe. You can get a lot of extra power out of those though, maybe $5000 on an intercooler, exhaust, and piggyback ecu, and you're at over 400hp/400 torque, the engine was underrated by at least 20 hp from the factory.
IMO, $45,000 out the door is way too much for that car. Pay an extra $3-4000 and get the 3 series.
Big 2nd, too expensive. They reused the 3 engine, 3 suspension, 3 parts bin, 3 frame...so it's not surprising that the car is expensive. $35,000 out the door would be a fair price, so the car would have to base in the high 20s, with the turbo engine, in the low 30s.
So how would your idea about the car change if it had a 4 cyl diesel or a 6 cylinder twin turbo diesel??? :)
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