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once again, cool car= not for the US
I wonder what the turbo setup is like...twin turbos on a 4 cyl?

from autoblog:
BMW just officially announced the US introduction of their small 1-Series but as usual it doesn't look like we will be getting the most efficient models. It looks like the US market will only be getting the 3.0L inline 6 with and without turbocharging, just like the larger 3-series.
Over on the other side of the pond, buyers have the option of a variable twin-turbo four cylinder diesel that puts out 204hp which should be plenty of juice for the small car. Even with that output, the 123d is rated at 45mpg on the EU combined cycle and a respectable if not stellar 138g/km of CO2 emissions. That makes the 123d the first high-volume model with over 200hp and less than 140g/km of CO2. Hopefully if the X5 and 5-series diesels prove popular next year and the new fuel economy regulations go into effect we will see the 1-series diesel before long.
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