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I just bought a used 2006 Jetta TDI and I'm trying to figure out all the features it has (and doesn't have).

While I do have steering wheel controls, with one of them being the phone symbol, in trying to pair a bluetooth phone, it says it can't find anything to pair with. Do I, in fact, have bluetooth to make/receive calls with on this car, or is the phone symbol on the button on the steering wheel just there, and I have to get the option and then get it installed?



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You do not have bluetooth. If you want OEM stuff get 9w3. It must be an earlier version which works for red instrument clusters. You also need the wiring harness adapter to plug it in and you must use VCDS to tell the car it's installed.

If you're willing to get an aftermarket unit get the fiscon from kufatec.com. It plugs behind the radio. And of course I'm sure there are other aftermarket units as well.
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