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Well I will give you the short story first:

I have been troubleshooting why I am going into limp mode on bad hills. I finally had fixed it! and then this happened. The blue hose running from the n75 to the turbo popped off with the nipple and a round piece. There is also oil. I don't know what prompted this, but I will sound off on all the work I did. I guess what I want to know if how can I fix it? And should I blame the shop that just rebuilt the turbo and all the other work and take it back? I can't afford for them to really have my car again, and they aren't very good so theres another issue. They are the only shop within 3 hours of me that works on VWs, there is no dealer.

Long story:

Bought this car for my 120 mile round trip commute, it has 260k miles on it, but figured the engine and transmission were good and it was worth it to save it from the junk yard. Once I got it I had the shop put it in working order by doing all this:

Replaced fuel pump
Rebuilt turbo (this in hindsight was stupid, since they charged me $900 for a rebuild when I could have gotten a cheaper, better turbo from idparts. I didn't know about that place or this one when I had the work done). I wonder whether they redid the parts that broke.
Timing belt and components kit +water pump from dieselgeek.
Bushings and Bearing replacement

That was the work the shop did. In hindsight I can't believe how incompetent they were. It took them 3 months to do all that since they could never find parts (yet I found everything for better prices at idparts.com which ships to hawaii cheap). Even after all this it would go into limp up steep hills. When I got the car back i was surprised they replaced the turbo, but didn't clean the intake system or replace any boost hoses (which were failing badly). Why replace the expensive component and not look at the cheap ones? UGH! I went ahead and did the following:

Replaced several boost hoses and cleaned n75 with electrical cleaner. I was very careful when I did this to make sure everything went in the right place and was dried.

I cleaned the intake manifold. It was quite dirty. I left the intake ports alone. I also cleaned out the intercooler. Again, I was very careful.

I replaced the oil with mobil 1 full synthetic. I also changed the fuel filter and ccv breather hose.

I then drove it for a few hundred miles, and then the blue hose popped off with the nipple and a part. Now turbo does not seem to be developing pressure - what happened? Any guesses or experiences?

Also, I have a vag-com which let me in on some other secrets. I am still getting the 00575 intake code. I also get a fault saying the check engine light is shorted or grounded. This wasn't the case when I put it in the shop (the check engine light was on). Do you think the shop actually just shorted it out to shut me up? I am starting to think so. Where is this wire located?

If I have to replace the turbo, I am taking them to court!

Still love the car though! I will be a tdi user for life! Just gotta be my own mechanic too :/

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It is possible the wastegate actuator is bad. It's just a rubber diaphragm and spring so not much to fix if it's bad.

I have a N75 valve for sale if you need it.

Clear the codes and see if they come back. The CEL should be soldered into the cluster.

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Thanks for all your help.

The line inside the ECU was changed by the last owner. It has never flipped that code. The hose from the ECU to the intercooler hose was also changed. I have changed most of the hoses connected to the N75.

The intake manifold pressure difference code 00575 I have cleared many times hoping it would not come back, and always has come back immediately even when the car was running on 100% power. I suspect the actuator was causing this and I will find out when my new parts arrive today or Monday. I would guess/hope that the oil is from the previously bad turbo and not a concern.
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