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Blower motor issue.

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98 beetle tdi 170k, climate blower motor works with key in pos 2 or somewhere in between 2 and 3, if i wiggle a key its on and off, but its always off when engine is running, it looks like ignition switch not functioning properly.
have anybody ever seen bad ignition switches on beetles, any ways to test it, or similar problem, any ideas??
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If the ignition switch was bad would the engine run right? This sounds like it could be a relay problem somewhere. If not, you can replace the ignition switch.
together with not working blower motor, wipers dont work as well, maybe something else, but radio as it suppose to be, so its not a switch, and tried another switch to confirm that.
one more thing, when blower dont work i get no power to fuses 24 25 26 27(may be more, will check them one more time), which is wipers, blower motor, window defogger, and DRL, so something cutting power to fuses and its only key position related. if it is a relay issue then witch one, all 4?? and again if i dont get power to fuses then i dont get power to relays as well, so its not it.
ive solved this problem. everything war simple.
somebody was replacing glow plug relay(180) and put in wrong position in relay panel. instead of position 10(upper panel) it was in "4" lower panel. which is fuel pump relay(409), surprisingly it did fit, and because there are no fuel pump nobody noticed anything except non working glow plugs, which was my problem as well. so with turn of the key wrong relay created a short in a wiring cutting off load reduction relay(18) position 2 lower panel, and this relay cutting off power to fuses for some of the equipment such as wipers, blower motor etc.
2 wires going from lower relay panel thru main harness were completely destroyed, melting lots of other wires on its way.
That was fun.


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and of course this post is useless with out pics, so enjoy.
Beetle porn:


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LOL, some pretty crazy project you have there. Good to hear it was fixed, that's why the Bentley manual is essential. Thanks for sharing the solution.
in my case its ETKA, ELSA and Alldata manuals, i cant afford Bentley yet)))
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