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I need some help out there:
I own a 2014 Passat TDI and had heating problems that resulted with me replacing the heater core and flushing the system: It worked great.
The problem is, I couldn't get the core out without bending the connecting aluminum tubes (I loosened them up from the fire wall side to no avail!) and ended up having to use regular heater hose and hose clamps to get the system back together. Needless to say the heater core cover and the side trim cover (close to the driver's right-side) does not exactly fit.
Fast forward to this year and the damper door actuator linkage started to bind against the side covers and was continually warm. The door wasn't closing completely. In my attempt to nudge the linkage, it popped off of the spindle (hinge, pivot etc) inside the mixing box and now the doors are shut.
I have tried reconnecting the linkage, which will cause the actuator to move back and forth, but all I have is cold air.
This week it's been between 25° - 38° and I am living with my self inflicted wound of a repair!

Help 😭
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