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Black Oil After Oil Change

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Just got my 10k service on my 2010 Golf TDI. This involved an oil change, a reflash on the ECM and something to do with re-securing the vents in the passenger's footwell. I drove 8 miles to warm up the engine and then checked the oil level. To my surprise, the oil was black - not a deep dark black, but more of a grey color - clear with black in it.

I have been changing my own oil on gasoline cars for 30 years and am used to seeing clear, amber colored oil after a change. I brought it to the dealer and they said this was normal for diesels. What gives. Did they forget to change it or am I just paranoid?
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There's a little bit of engine oil left in the system which has soot and carbon in it. It's enough to turn the oil dark. I think there are some more notes in the oil change article for common rail engines.

Also, the service manual says the oil filter should be removed before draining the oil pan because it releases a one way button in the filter housing, letting the oil in the filter circuit drain into the oil pan. It's probably only a cup but it's more than enough to turn the oil dark.

Black oil is normal on a diesel because higher piston blowby and soot turns it dark. It's still doing a good job even though it looks dirty.
That's the way all TDI are. It's not all diesels though, I think it's just the way VW's oiling system is. There's probably some pooled in the head too. You wouldn't want a dry start after an oil change.
OK. A few more testimonials would make me feel better, but I appreciate the feedback. I guess when I start doing it myself, I'll see first hand. The truth is, I just don't like other people servicing my cars - even if it's for free.
I testify that every TDI I've owned has had black oil except for right after an oil change when it's almost black. Feel better :)? Just make sure that they use VW 507.00 engine oil to maximize the life of the DPF filter and that they don't overfill it.
black oil after change

One of the most frequent questions according to my dealer.
' Did you change the oil as its black ' ?
They all do that

My 2005 TDI JSW motor oil was only clear for first 10K - It has been sooty mess ever since.

Same with my 2010 TDI JSW (only one change so far).

I even open the oil filter assemply first and suck it clean with a vacuum extraction pump. No worries. IMHO - continue to use the VW spec oils and you will be part of the 400K club soon enough.

pella oil extractors (or other make) make diesel oil changes much easier.

Enjoy the drive.
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After the free servicing ends, I will be buying one of those oil extractors myself.
I want to own a 500,000 mile car.:D
this must be your first diesel car. D oil is always black. The only D i have that dosent turn the oil black soon after an oil change is my 1976 Ford 2000 tractor. That engine only turns 2000 rpms and usually runs at 14-1600 or 800 so takes longer to blacken oil.
Good luck with your new car
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