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Hey All. And Happy Thanksgiving to our US cousins.

I have just completed a timing belt change on my Mk5 Golf 1.9 BKC. Had a whole bunch of problems, such as not being able to get the VW recommended pin into the hole for the camshaft locking, which i got round by using a drill bit, which did fit, but then snapped when I forgot to remove it when doing the 2 crank turns at the end (No idea where the other end of that drill but has gone, I hope its not inside the oily bits where the camshaft is!!!).

Anyway, my biggest problem is that the tensioner (the one with the spring inside above the water pump) moves during the manual crank turns. I have it installed correctly I think, and I have set it to the correct position as per the YouTube video on the MyTurboDiesel channel. During a single rotation of the crank it kind of just flicks out of its truth window position then goes back to its correct position about 1/4 crank later, just the once, per every 360 of the crank. Is this normal? I have tightened the 15mm nut as far as it can go so I know it's not loose.

I followed the instructions on the forums YT video (below) to the letter BTW

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