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Biodiesel Processor- FuelMeister Plus- $2500

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FuelMeister Plus- Makes 80 gallons of biodiesel per day for about .75 per gallon. New condition. Purchased directly from Biodiesel Solutions. Sells new for $3995 plus shipping. Complete system with extra 40 gallon tank for washing(mist wash system included). System includes: Processor 40 gal tank and stand, Catalyst Premix Tank and stand, Settling/Mist-Wash 40 gal tank and stand, Alcohol pump kit, Oil Storage Barrel Plumbing, Digital Lye Scale Kit, Oil Titration Test Kit, Mini-Batch Kit, Operator Safety Kit, Illustrated Step-by-Step Manual and instructional video. Fits in the corner or your garage. All you need is used oil, methanol and lye to start making your own fuel. I did alot of research before buying a processor and Fuelmeister is the best one I found. Very well made.
I only made a couple batches then my son-in-law started a commercial biodiesel processing company so it is easier for me to fill up at his business. Was going to keep my processor but need the room in my garage now. I Live in NE PA. Would be great if you could come and see it. If not I can mail all the pictures you want. Thanks for your interest.
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I was under the impression that the newer TDi's will not function right w biodiesel? Clarifications please
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