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biodiesel in 2001 jetta

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i am new to this forum and i am wondering if biodiesel can be used in a 1.9tdi non PD engine?
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Yes! Those engines work very well with biodiesel. I'm not sure what VW recommends over there but VW USA has never recommended more than B5.

I have been running B99 in my 2002 Jetta and have had no problems. I go back to B20 as the temps go down. I average in the high 30's to low 40's. There is a Ford 7.3 that is running B99 all winter long. I attempted that this winter but don't have the additive mix right yet and did have a freeze up.
I've been running B-100 in both my 91 and 96 Jettas for ~4-years and blend down to ~B-20 in the colder months. I also have a 2005 Jeep Liberty CRD but have not had the nerve to put bio in it - yet. Under-converted bio can cause problems with filter plugging and possible ring gumming - I've seen this first hand
bio in 01 tdi and 06 crd

I ran bio all summer last year in my vehicles.
The 06 libby ran fine, the 01 Jetta and the 04 Passat ran fine also. Yes I did run B100 in a PD TDI with no problems.
Just be sure it's good fuel, and has no residual methanol.

The 99 E300 also ran fine.
As much i know biodiesel vehicle are the vehicles that runs easily on diesel engine.Any vehicle with a diesel engine can run on biodiesel,however some will run it better than others. Many newer diesel engine includes post combustion fuel burst into their cylinder that helps it to comply emission standards and this is not able to work with biodiesel.
I ran B100 in my '03 TDI all summer and started running B80 this winter. So far it hasn't been cold enough to need less than B80. I only have about 10k on bio and 170k total but so far so good. I did have to upgrade my fuel return lines at the injector to viton but they were due for replacement anyway.
40K on B100 in my 2004 Passat pd. I use Wintron Synergy to "winterize" the fuel during the colder months.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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