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big problem during intake cleaning!

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While pulling off the EGR vaccum hose, it broke off the little plastic part on the main EGR. Can I glue it back or do I need a new EGR?
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If it's the nipple on the vac reservoir, the black bulb thing on the EGR, you should be able to glue it or JB weld. Just make sure the glue doesn't block the inside of the tube. If it's the hose, just clip of the split end and plug it back. Either way, I don't recommend a new EGR since it's not worth replacing an expensive part since it won't break your car if it fails either.
Glue it back and make sure the glue stays on the outside. If it breaks off again then consider buying a new one. Again, it won't cause any damage if it breaks off. If it's the line I'm thinking of it's not for the EGR, it's for the lever arm that operates the anti-shudder valve. It's just on the same part as the EGR.
okay, thanks guys, this makes me much more confident!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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