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Well, interesting weekend for me.
this is what i did.
oil and filter change. castrol slx synthetic. I purchased the pella 6.5 litre long container. very nice and easy.
fuel filter.
air filter.
front rotors and pads, serviced calipers.
changed to winter tires.
brake fluid flush and fill, with dot4 plus.
serpentine belt, very easy after reading this forum.
manual tranny flush and fill. ** i purchased 4 1L jugs ( 2 extra) from vw, according to this site,
VW# G060 762 A2 is synthetic.... nowhere on the jug does it say synthetic, all it says is gear oil??
i hope its synthetic.
spent $564.00 on parts
spent $101.00 on the pella.
good day everyone.

2005 golf tdi 103000 km.

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Welcome to the forum. welcometomyturbodies

Displaying 2005 Golf TDI in your car spec wouldn't go a miss you could also add your location but I would say your in the States as you say front rotors rather that front brake discs. ;)

The same goes for you goyeahyeah 2000 Passat.
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