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Bicycle Trunk Rack for Golf MKVI

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I'm in search for a trunk rack for the Golf MKVI. After searching for a while, I've found lots of recommendations on roof rack. But my wife & I won't be able to put our MTB on the roof so rear mounting rack seems to be the only way to go.

I'm particularly interested in Saris Bones RS due to the fact that I can lock it with the trunk. It seems to put most of the weight on the two top hooks that clip to the top of rear gate, and four rubber legs that push against the gate just below the rear window line. Unfortunately Saris doesn't list it as support model (but they support Audi A3) so I thought about consulting our Golf experts here first.

Should it be any concern? Or will it crush the mini spoiler on the TDI?

BTW, I've just got back from Raleigh-Miami drive with the TDI. Total round trip = 1850 miles with average mileage around 42 MPG. I drove relatively fast, and I didn't follow other car that much so it was fighting with head wind. But it was fun, and much less torture than I thought for that 13 hours drive!!

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I have an earlier Saris Bones rack (the link in your post is throwing server errors at this time, so can't tell how different the RS is) and would be astonished if it fails to fit your Golf.

I've used mine to carry a Sprint GT road bike and Giant XTC mountain bike on a '98 Audi A4, '06 Audi A3, '03 Passat and now on my JSW TDI. It fit them all perfectly and even though the straps do pass over the spoiler as you mention (on the A3 and JSW), it has never caused any issues. The bulk of the bikes' weight is on the feet, not pulling on these upper straps.

The rack is very well made, goes on and off rapidly, holds the bikes solidly and is very adjustable. I've tried others and if my Saris ever got stolen I'd buy the same thing again in a flash.

EDIT: Your link still doesn't work, but going in through their main web page I now see the RS. I would save some money and buy the Bones 2-bike (which I have) or 3-bike if you need it. I don't like the look of those steel straps and the whole rig sticks out a bunch more than the 2- or 3-bike with its fabric straps. They are so easy to dismount and throw in the trunk that I wouldn't go for the RS just to get more secure locking, which may not be all that secure anyway.

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Dan - Thank you for the info. I like the RS because it has a key that you can lock the metal belt/hook thus no one can remove it.

I gave Saris a call today. Unfortunately the answer is no. The info from their engineer/test department is that the weight may damage the crown (or mini-spoiler) and also the bumper of the golf is weaker than others. So I guess I'm out of luck with the RS.

Actually I've bought it already and will probably on the way back to return it tomorrow. At this point I don't think that the real gate or bumper can handle the weight of 3 MTB so I'll have no choice but to install a hitch instead.

Another reason to envy the JSW folks since it supports the Bones.

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