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the engine mount bracket must be replaced after the 3rd stretch/bolt replacement (usaually the 3rd TB) and helicoils are not long enough to work correctly. The motor mount bolts (18mm) and all 5 motor bracket bolts (16mm) are stretch to yield one time use bolts. BEW BRM and BHW PD motor car need to have thier timing checked (crank to cam) via VCDS after a TB change to retarded and you have slow/hard starting in the cold.and to advanced your MPGs will be lower. I usually set the timing slightly advanced (0.5 to 1.5 degrees) as the timing belt wears it will retard the timing. It is very important to loosen the 3 cam adjustment bolts when setting the belt tensioner so the both sides of the belt is tensioned evenly. The 18mm mount to body bolts torque to 30ftlb plus a 1/4 turn the 16mm mount to bracket goto 44ftlbs plus 1/4 and the 3 16mm bracket to motor bolts goto 33ftlb.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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