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Just stay away from the "ebay" kits. They are trash. I try to give objective opinions on this site but I also try to give conservative and safe suggestions too. The timing belt kits from ebay sellers are junk. I am not a scaremonger, but saving a few dollars on something so critical when there are reliable parts out there is foolish.

I suggest that you switch to the 100k mile kit if you haven't already done so, see here:




It looks like dieselgeek or tdiparts is the cheapest, depending on shipping and if you need a few small extra parts in the dieselgeek kit. I will add these links to the timing belt writeup for future reference. Changes are done, see the timing belt writeup here: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q_how_to/a4/timing_belt_part_1.htm

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Not too hard. Some things I learned: an engine support makes life easier. I had a jack under the engine and had to move it up, down, under the car, over the car, it was a great work out! Have a mirror to double check the tensioner and injection pump positions. The tdiclub and myturbodiesel writeups were very helpful, there were enough pics and descriptions so that anyone can do it. As long as you read the instructions beforehand and follow them, you'll be OK.
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