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Pls confirm- anyone running 15" Corrado on B4V now?

Yes,the corrado 15" wheel in 4x100 bolt pattern will work. Plus, the OP said looks was a factor, steel wheels don't have that bling factor.
Sorry for bringing up an old thread- but just in case anyone else is looking for more options- now that its getting harder to find 14" tires-

I'm looking to change to 15" wheels, while retaining the 4x100 pattern.

I understand the hub diameter has to match the B4V hub = 57.1 mm for the wheel to center properly.

When I go to the Original VW wheel site, I dont see that spec for the 15" Corrado wheels in any of the years listed.

The Unique 83 steelies you can get online or at Discount Tire have a much larger hub bore- and some recommend inserts- others recommend against- but in a thread at TDIClub, Chris says alloys are made generally to "direct fit" - which I presume means they match the hub spec.

Anyone have a set of wheels that are working good, or perhaps wants to sell in 15" 4x100 ?

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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