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not an uber power sedan, this thing might actually get good mileage. The same site also has info on the golf tdi hybrid. Article below.

"GENEVA — Daimler is teaming with German supplier Continental on an advanced lithium-ion battery pack — one of the first in the automotive world — for the 2009 Mercedes-Benz S400 BlueHybrid.

Most current production hybrid electric vehicles use nickel metal hydride batteries. The lithium-ion battery is smaller, with better performance, but in the past has been plagued by overheating. Mercedes appears to have solved that issue by integrating the battery pack into the vehicle's climate control system, which enables it to maintain battery operating temperatures between 59 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The lithium-ion battery will have a long service life, great reliability and a high level of safety, according to the automaker.

Mercedes describes the S 400 BlueHybrid as "the world's most economical luxury sedan," with a combined fuel economy rating of 30 mpg. The gasoline/electric propulsion system has a combined output of 299 horsepower and torque of 277 pound-feet. Acceleration is brisk — zero to 60 mph is achieved in less than 7.3 seconds — with top speed electronically limited to 155 mph. Mercedes says its S300 BlueTec Hybrid, which pairs an electric motor with a clean diesel, offers even greater potential for fuel savings.

The Golf TDI Hybrid features a 73-horsepower 1.2-liter engine, an electric motor and a seven-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox, all of which contribute to the car's exceptional fuel economy average of 69 mpg.

It's definitely an exciting car...the big question is....will it come to North America?? More


It's official - Volkswagen is unveiling a hybrid to challenge the mighty Toyota Prius. And not just any hybrid, but a diesel-electric hybrid it says will deliver 69.9 mpg.

VW's been experimenting with hybrids of the gasoline-electric variety since the early 1990s, but the Golf hybrid it will unveil next month at the Geneva Motor Show is the first production model the German company's rolled out. Volkswagen isn't offering much in the way of details, but the car is expected to have a parallel hybrid drivetrain with a 2.0 liter engine. Look for it to have an all-electric mode at low speed, start-stop capability, regenerative braking and a 7-speed DSG double-clutch transmission, according to Auto Express and AutoBlog Green.

What's all the techno-jargon mean? The Golf Hybrid will get almost 70 mph mpg (ed. note: D'oh!) while meeting Europe's stringent Euro V and America's Tier 2 Bin 5 emissions standards, making it green enough even for California. The car is said to emit just 89 g/km of CO2. (For comparison, the Prius emits 104 g/km and Honda Civic Hybrid emits 116.)

The hybrid Golf may be just the start.

According to Britain's Channel 4, VW is considering the hybrid drivetrain in a Jetta and Audi A3. DailyTech says it also could appear in the VW Tiguan and Audi Q5 crossover utility vehicles.

Auto Express says the Golf hybrid will be offered for sale in Europe by the end of next year. No word yet on when we might see it on this side of the pond. VW hasn't released a picture of the hybrid, so we're offering a shot of its diesel Golf Bluemotion

From autoblog, note the aero enhancements to the wheel, it's partially blocked off while still giving enough room to cool the brakes



While scoping out the new Scirocco, we also spotted Volkswagen's slick new VW Golf TDI Hybrid concept. Looking lightly less racy than the new coupe to its left, this little economy powerhouse focuses on high mpg rather than high mph. As we just told you yesterday-ish, the car pairs a 75 PS (74 HP) three-cylinder TDI with a 27 HP electric motor and routes it through a 7-speed DSG to average a staggering 69 mpg (3.4l/100km) in the European cycle. And it also addresses emissions concerns with carbon dioxide rating of just under 90 g/km. V-Dub didn't expound upon the TDI Hybrid at length in their press release, but we've posted the excerpt that pertains to VW's miserly Golf after the jump.

Besides the impressive stats, our favorite bits are the wheel inserts that help improve aerodynamics in a way that somewhat reminded us of the Ferrari F1 car. Kudos, VeeDub and please bring it Stateside asap.

With its Golf TDI Hybrid, Volkswagen demonstrates the potential inherent in the combination of a high-tech diesel engine, an electric motor and 7-speed DSG technology. On show for the first time in the world at the Geneva Motor Show, the concept car consumes no more than 3.4 litres of diesel fuel per 100 kilometres. The powerful full-hybrid Golf TDI Hybrid can be run either in internal-combustion mode only or in mixed operation – the powerful yet thrifty combination of TDI and electric motor. The car is also designed to run on emissions-free electric power only. Power transmission to the front axle is managed by a 7-speed DSG gearbox. In city traffic, the automatic stop-start system will even switch off the turbo-diesel when the vehicle is stationary.

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All modern front brakes that I can think of are vented. But they tend to be non directional so you can use them on both the left and right. Directional brakes have vanes that can only be used on 1 side which can stay cooler for hard use.

BUT if it's a hyrbid that has regen braking, then it uses the brakes much less than a normal car so they will heat up less. A car like the prius uses tiny front brakes but the limiting factor isn't braking power, it's tire grip.

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I have a feeling that not many people will be taking off their bumpers to get worse mileage so they can sell them to you.

The brakes are probably smaller than what you have and won't work well since they are designed to work with regen braking.
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