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Belt came off, roller broken and smoke? ...

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Hi there,

I was driving ('97 Jetta diesel) and pulled over after hearing a squealing and whispering noise and I shut off the engine and pulled over. The belt had come off, I put it back on after cranking the upper roller. I started and went to double-check, it slid off and it smoked from somewhere. I am having it looked at this week.

Where would the smoke have come from? It was only on for two seconds after the belt came off the second time and it let off a bad smell with the smoke.
Will it be costly?

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That's a pain. Seized water pump? Bad alternator pulley? The bad smell was probably burning rubber from the belt. After you remove the belt, rotate the pulleys and it should be obvious if one is bad.
When I had the belt removed the tensioner lever wheel (what I referred to as a roller) was shattered for some reason. Hopefully it was just burning rubber. I will probably have to replace that too.

The removal of it is at the end of this:


Which I've done when replacing the alternator. It was a bit of a pain and I don't feel like doing it again.
Good catch. Strange that the roller would break for no reason. Just remember that the water pump runs off that belt. If the car never overheated then you should be fine.
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