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I've been doing TDi's since 2009 when I took a job 66mi from my home. Now I have 4 of them -- all standard transmission.
  • 1998 Jetta, Porcelain Blue Metallic, "Papa Smurf" - Hit a deer several years ago on US 183 just south of Goldthwaite, TX returning from my niece's wedding and haven't had time to fix him yet. I have the parts, though.
  • 2003 Jetta Wagon, Oceanic Green Pearl Clearcoat, "Ludwig" - My daily driver, currently with 321K mi. Quite the distinguished gentleman. I taught my son to drive in this car.
  • 2005 New Beetle, Sunflower Clearcoat, "Shelby" - My daughter's car; I'm currently installing a new clutch, VNT17, and probably a Malone tune. Then it's off to grad school! I taught my daughter to drive in this car. It took her a while to master the stick, and once she put gas (petrol) in it. But now she's good on the stick and knows to put ONLY DIESEL in it.
  • 2013 Sportwagen, Reflex Silver Metallic, "Sophie" (after Nazi resistance martyr Sophie Scholl) - My wife's car. Definitely the most luxurious of the bunch.
I do a lot of my my own work, but my time is quite limited, so some of the work (like Papa Smurf) languishes, some gets done by a shop, and some just takes me a while to get to, but I compete eventually.

I've been hangin' around here since 2010, registered several years ago, have posted some, and am just now introducing myself. I live in Colorado Springs at 6300', work in Aurora (eastern suburb of Denver) at about 5400', and have Monument Hill between us at 7343' Occasionally I drive up Pikes Peak at 14,110' (mostly when we're showing off for visitors). My wife and I just celebrated our 35th anniversary yesterday. My avatar photo is me at about 21 months: My dad was stationed overseas in the US Navy when I was born, and that photo was taken deep in some federal building in Washington, DC for my Certificate of Citizenship after our return.
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Welcome to the forum.

Its nice to see you made an intro on your own. ;)

As I've said in your conversation.

This is a new forum layout which is owned by a company last year that doesn't give a dam with loads of bugs which have been reported in the new thread. There is no TDI Wiki at the moment or original similes which they refuse to install. It doesn't show the car spec/location.

Add your car specs to your signature that will show on every post you make.

We Are Live - Community Feedback

This has been talked about many times.

I've made a poll which no one has posted in, there are a few votes and comments.

Do you like the new forum features?

Wiki pages have been restored as of 7th December, I asked where is the link it should be on top of the main forum.
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