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Beetle door removal?

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Great site, was looking through the how tos and I want to put new speakers in on a beetle. Is there a how to article for this?
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Easy. Remove the door panels, unplug the old speaker and plug in the new speaker. The mechanicals of a beetle are about the same as the other same generation VWs, but there are a few small differences. VW vortex or new beetle forums might have a writeup with pictures.
Yea, sorry, no pics of a beetle. But if you read the door card removal how to article, it's pretty much the same. A beetle is almost like a golf body but well, with a beetle on top of it:)
I am trying to change the window switch for a 2000 beetle but I could not find any pics. of a beetle, but I am going to give a shot, since I have already dismatled one door on a Jetta previously, hope it is all similar.
From the vortex:

"There are 3 torx screws on the bottom of the door and there are two phillips under the door handle. Pry the plastic cover of the door handle gentlo to get to it. Once all 5 scres are out pull the panel up and there you go. You will still have some things attached to the door panel so be careful not to snap those off. ie wires for door light, handle cable and if driver side the gas and trunk release cables.

"2 screws in the grab handle, after gently prying the cover off, three torx at the bottom of the door. Pull the bottom of the panel out. unplug fuel/trunk switches wire, courtesy light wire, window up/down wires, note where they all came from for ease of installation later!!!!!!!! I think there is a cable going to the door latch as well. Getting the panel OFF is a royal pain, as the rubber weatherstip inside the top of it likes it on top of the door, so it's very hard to get it loose, but it WILL come loose. Push upwards to get it to release"

The rest should pretty much be the same as this how to article.

From 1000q, aka the site's how to FAQ.

Also, make sure the speaker will fit: more below, might have changed it, maybe not on yours
"The speakers are held in with pop rivets, you will have to drill them out to get the speaker off.
If replacing with aftermarket, check out the differences in the magnet size/mounting depth - it might be too large and hit the window if rolled down. If so it will require a spacer to be installed so your speaker sits out further and allows the window to clear.
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gotcha, will check it out.
Well, got the door off this weekend, put in the new speakers in the front, it was pretty straightforward.

No real difference is sound, I was hoping for a clearer sound, but I don't know alot about sound stuff. How much does more soundproofing cost?
The long answer is that it depends. If you already have the door panel of, that's 50% of the work done.

Put some self adhesive mats on the metal of the door, then put a foam layer over it.

So many people think that the sticky rubber mats will do the job by itself - those serve only to change the "ring" of the metal, they only absorb some sound. A foam pad or other insulator is required to absorb the rest of the sound.

Read this and it should explain a lot more.
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