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battery discharged

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97 Golf would not start this morning. No ignition lights nothing. Jump started then removed battery for charging. Now I am checking for a battery draw and I am getting 10.2 milliamp draw. What is acceptable? What is normal?
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Not sure milliamps but it should be at least about 12 volts. When the car is running it should be about 14 volts. Any less and you have a bad battery if it's when the engine is off. If the engine is running then you might have a bad alternator.
That is normal. 0-100 milliamps is normal. The clock and alarm, various other things are drawing power. I don't think the problem is a short. 500 milliamps or more is abnormal.
Could be the cold combined with an old battery.
You know it's not a short so it's a bad battery or bad alternator.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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