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Are you saying that you hear the fuel pump buzzing for 2-3 seconds and then it stops with the car on but engine not running or with the car on and engine running? Did you remove the fuel line without the T or the fuel line with the T? The one with the T is the return lin. The one without the T is from the fuel tank.

Ruling out any clog in the filter or fuel lines, it sounds like you have a bad pump to me. The 4 wire connector should unclip. The 2 fuel lines have internal clips. Use a thin screwdriver to press the notched in area in while pushing the fuel line down towards the pump. This should release the clip and let you pull it off. All PDs are the same in that the electric fuel pump pushes fuel and the tandem pump pulls and pushes fuel to the injectors. If the electric fuel pump dies you need zero leaks to work or else air will get pulled in by the tandem pump. If you take the pump out make sure to have a plastic tarp under it or else your interior will stink like diesel.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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